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Dr. Mathilde Cerioli Ph.D.

Cognitive Neurosciences, Positive Discipline

When asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would often answer “play”. That might explain how I came to research how we can use game to promote cognition with children during my doctorate degree. And it’s also why I integrate Positive Discipline when working with families, being playful is often the most effective way to connect with children and to collaborate together.

Audiences: Child

Carlee Ann Brown

Certified Professional Midwife, LM, CPM, MSM

Carlee Ann gave hundreds of birth in all birth settings: in home, birth center and hospital. She started as a doula, she has a Massage Therapy Licence specialized in prenatal and postpartum massage. She has now a Master of Science in Midwifery and taught childbirth education, parenting and infant classes. She is also a proud mama of two.

Audiences: Baby, Postpartum, Prenatal

Dr. Molly O’Shea M.D.

Pediatrician, Consultant, Parent Coach, Speaker

Doct Molly O'Shea is a Pediatrician and Parenting Expert. With years of experience working with families, she specializes in various subjects such as: Parenting Styles, Work-Life Balance, Fostering Children Independence, Raising Confident Kids and more.

Audiences: Baby, Child, Postpartum, Toddler

Paul Humes

Coach for Dads

Paul has been in education for over 15 years. He is currently a Fatherhood Coach for FatheringTogether.org and the owner of WildNaturePlay.com.

Audiences: Child, Toddler

Shelby Abramson

Family Nurse Practitioner, FNP, IBCLC, LLLL

As a Family Nurse Practitioner and Lactation consultant, Shelby helped hundreds of moms and family to have a successful breastfeeding journey.

Audiences: Baby, Postpartum

Mary B Flynn

Postpartum Doula, Sleep Specialist, Lactation Educator

I am mother of 4 myself. I created a business based on my own personal experience of not having a network of support. My philosophy is that there is no wrong way to parent and my goal is to guide each family on their own personal journey as parents. We all known two children are not the same and my goal as a postpartum consultant is to teach parents the tools they need to parent in the style they want.

I am a Certified Postpartum Doula, Sleep Specialist, certified Doula Trainer, Lactation Educator, certified EMT and a CPR instruct.

Audiences: Baby, Postpartum

Dr. Maria Jose Perry

Clinical Psychologist

I work with adults and really enjoy working with moms. I utilize an integrative approach that incorporates psychosocial, relational, cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness base modalities to accompany my clients in the journey towards healing, greater self understanding, empowerment and growth.

Audiences: Postpartum, Prenatal

Anne-Caroline Ngy

Face Yoga and Face Gua-Sha Teacher

I'm all about self-care, in a inside out way.

Pregnancy can be an incredible opportunity for women to experiment the magic of self-care. Through Face Yoga, I guide you to experiment right away how feeling good is a powerful key to look good !

Self-care workshop for mums-to-be : how to bring easy magic in your everyday life with Face Yoga !

I'm a certified coach by Institut de Coaching International de Genève, I'm a Face Yoga teacher certified by Sylvie Lefranc, the French expert in this field and a Face Gua-Sha Teacher certified by Danielle Collins and Hayo'u Method.

Audiences: Postpartum, Prenatal

Erika Friday

Mom-life organizer

I help moms work with what they have to build the life they want. We get clear on how you tick and what’s important to you. Together we come up with a plan that you can implement easily to find more time, peace, and ease.

As moms, we spend so much time IN it that it’s hard to see an easier way THROUGH it. Like a consultant crossed with a loving sister, I bring a perspective that allows me to see where you’re stuck and how things could be simplified. My empathetic and non-judgy ear makes you feel understood while my actionable insights make you feel empowered.

Audiences: Postpartum, Prenatal

Alexandra Rossi

Mindfulness and Yoga Instructor

I want to share the practice of mindfulness and yoga with expecting and new parents. I have a broad knowledge in Prenatal, Postnatal and Restorative yoga, Mindful flow and Nidra as well as kids yoga and meditation.

Audiences: Child, Postpartum, Prenatal

Jen Varela

Sleep Consultant

I am an Infant, Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant. As a Pediatric Sleep Coach, I know when families get sleep, it changes things. You don't have to choose between loving your baby and sleep!
I am the co-author of "Love to Sleep"

Audiences: Baby, Child, Toddler

Elaine Chung

Play & Personality Expert, Founder of My Play Type

Elaine is a play and personality consultant dedicated to empowering parents, educators and care providers to connect and thrive with their children through understanding their personality and play type.

Audiences: Child, Toddler

Jamaica Stevens

Early Childhood Education Specialist, Public Speaker

Jamaica is an early childhood education expert with over 20 years of experience in the field. Owner and founder of JAMaROO Kids, a company focused on delivering high quality developmentally appropriate programs to young children.

Audiences: Child, Toddler

Amanda Hyer, M.Ed.

Doula, Positive Discipline Educator

Amanda is a Doula, a Positive Discipline Educator and Montessori Specialist. Amanda works with parents and teachers to find their own voice while working with children, with the goal of creating an atmosphere of creativity, confidence and collaboration within the family or classroom community.

Audiences: Baby, Child, Postpartum, Toddler

Aki Raymer, MA

Positive Parenting Coach

I am here to help you raise more confident, connected, and cooperative kids. When I had my daughter, there wasn’t anyone I could turn to get truly individualized, scientifically-based support. So when my daughter was two, I went back to school! Parenting Paths was created over a decade ago to help parents enjoy their children (and each other) more.
My specialty is sharing proven, connection-based and personalized tools that work. I’ll listen without judgment, and then we’ll get to work to create an action plan that you can start using right away.
I love meeting people! If you want to talk about how I can help, please reach out!

Audiences: Child, Toddler